Time to Escaparia.com

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote anything on here, so after a couple of nudges, I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to.

Probably too much to recount, really. Since Christmas it’s been full steam ahead (I’ve decided to get as many nautical references in as possible) on planning for the business. Which, of course, has not been an easy ride. The Spanish may have a reputation for being laid-back, but up here in #Galicia, and in respect of things of the sea, they’re pretty damn serious. So, amid filing licenses, boat paperwork, making applications to get permission to visit the islands, and other such seemingly endless bureaucracy, there’s been less time for actually going out on the boat, let alone scribbling about my escapades on here. However, things are all getting pretty interesting…

I’ve moved the RIB to #Portonovo, #Sanxenxo. After much mental debate about the pros and cons of putting it in various different marinas, I plumped for the one that offers a decent price and is pretty much slap bang in the midst of tourist central come summertime – and also benefits from trade anytime the sun’s out, really. So, for business, it made the most sense. Even if I did leave my heart in the stunning San Vicente do Mar, which has natural unspoiled beauty on its side, but fewer opportunities in terms of the potential business to be had.

We now have a website – it’s in Spanish, but can of course be translated using Google if needs be and, well, I’ll also be getting around to writing an English version to go alongside it so we don’t have to rely on the ingenious, but still flawed, Google translation. Please have a look at, and share, the site, it’s at: www.escaparia.com – which you’ll notice is now also the URL of this blog. So, why #Escaparía ? Well, if you are Spanish this needs little explanation, but for the Brits, you will be able to guess it’s something to do with escaping, right? It’s just a conjugation of the verb ‘to escape’ which literally means ‘he/she/one would escape’. But the word ‘ría’, embedded into the name, is also the word that describes the type of estuary where we’re based – just a smidge off the Atlantic coast. So, it’s a play on words.

And we’ve also got a brand – that includes a jumping dolphin, something I’ve seen a whole bunch of times on the boat since October, and something I wanted to be integral to the image of the business, and what we’re all about – even if I can’t promise to find them every time! I’ve ordered the decals for the boat tubes with the new brand, had the engine serviced, and hell, even had the time to do a bit of cruising around the ‘ría’ once or twice a week, formulating plans for the different routes we can offer, and working out how much fuel we use on each. The answer is – A LOT! I’ve made the decision that we open (given permission pending from the harbour-master, of course) in Easter. So Brits and anyone else from outside Spain, get a plane booked to Santiago and come to see us. For those of you closer to my new home, make a date to get in the car and get yourselves to the coast of #Sanxenxo for ‘Semana Santa’. It’s nearly 20 degrees and it’s only late February.